SUNFLOWER (c) 2012 carolyngrady

Hello Sunflower,

I am excited to create these and offer them to you in the spirit of service to our awakening health, vitality, joy and compassion.

Are you ready to unwind and relax? One way is through Mindfulness of the Body. How chill can you become? Simply right click on the link to “save as,” download, and receive.Ten Minute Body Scan

The files take a minute or two to download, so practice slow deep breathing as you wait for them.

Here is an 8 minute Yoga Warm-Up video for your delight:

Would you like to learn to chant a mantra? Listen to the White Tara Mantra here.

Darlin’ I know how deliciously kind you are, but the well of compassion within has infinite capacity. Invite it to overflow with a Lovingkindness meditation.


Here’s another compassion practice that requires a bit more “work” from you. Tonglen is sometimes called the Practice of Giving and Receiving. As you repeat tonglen over many months, you may notice how your heart expands and softens.