Carolyn has a welcoming class, that is the perfect mix of building casual friendships and strength with healing. I have been in her elder yoga class for several years, where she helps students become aware of their individual needs in a gentle, healing manner while strengthening endurance. Both men and women are comfortable, and my limitations are addressed without fear of agitating back/neck injuries. Yoga has been the most helpful exercise to improve my fibromyalgia, I highly recommend Carolyn’s class to folks of all levels of fitness.”  Kristen

“I have a lot of daily stress and thought the Yoga would help. I started Yoga class in February 2013. It is now April and know I made the right decision. I have learned to manage my stress with better breathing and posturing. Carolyn’s calming voice during meditation soothes away any stress of the day. Her “hands on” approach keeps me from any wrong positioning that may strain or damage my body (more than it already is). I am toning muscles in my back as well as the rest of my body. She even introduces me to muscles I didn’t know I had! “ Judy

” I have studied yoga with Carolyn for 10 years. I have some mobility and balance issues as a result of a stroke I suffered and Carolyn has been patient and helpful in revamping poses so they will work for me. She has made a huge impact on my life. “ Perce

“Ever since I have been doing supta padangusthasana (Reclining Big Toe Pose), I have no longer needed to go to the chiropractor. It has become a regular part of my yoga practice. Gradually, over time my back problems have gone away. Thanks for being such a wonderful yoga teacher. Kathleen

“Yoga has improved my posture so much that friends and family commented on how much taller I seemed as I walked down the aisle for my son’s wedding.”    Donalee